About Us

DukaPress is an open source and free to use e-commerce platform. With DukaPress you can quickly and easily set up a fully featured online shop which can be used to sell digital or physical goods to customers all over the world.

Unlike many other e-commerce platforms, DukaPress is built on top of a world class content management system. This means that you not only have a wonderful e-commerce engine, but also the power and support of a content management system that is used by millions of people the world over.

We are the makers of DukaPress and on this website, we offer premium add-ons to DukaPress. These add-ons are designed to make your DukaPress powered shop to stand above the rest by adding unique and just plain cool functionalities.

Here's what people have been saying about the software that we make:

"We tried many shopping carts, but we couldn't customise it. Then we stumbled upon Dukapress via WordPress Planet. We took hours to do what was taken use days before. I'll email you when the project is finished. Dukapress has gone into my arsenal of plugins. It is easy to use ,flexible, plugs right into the WordPress core...I am really liking this thing." - Dwayne Villiers

"Hi, I am impressed with Dukapress, particularly a) that it works ‘out of the box’ b) its code is pretty lean and easy to follow c) it has most of the foundational features you need/want in an online shop without a large number of extra, often unnecessary, features that make its operation complicated and buggy." - Mike

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Please have a look at the DukaPress products that we offer and pimp your DukaPress shop!

Do you have any questions or queries? You can contact us via:
Email: duka[at]dukapress.com
Phone: +254-750-694766