Safe Online Payment Methods

Undoubtedly, online business is only getting better and better. We all know how quick, easy and convenient it is to make a purchase online and instantly enjoy the benefits of the purchase. This IS the future, right? But how safe are we? Aside from the fact that it is too easy to spend your wages […]

Introducing Complex Discount Rules

Well, hello! I am very excited to introduce you to a new feature that we are working on for WordPress! We’d like to believe that we’re the first (or among the first) to introduce complex discount rules to WordPress! As far as I know, the power of what we’re building can only be found in […]

Using DukaPress & WordPress To Create An Amazon Shop

Amazon is one of the biggest and easiest ways to make money online as an affiliate marketer. They have a seemingly endless variety of products that you can market and earn commissions from sales as an affiliate of Amazon. No doubt, many people make money this way. It gets even easier with WordPress. WordPress is […]

DukaPress Audio List View

DukaPress List View is an addon for Dukapress that we created specifically for people who need to display their products in a “list” rather than in the normal “gird view”. We’ve been getting quite some good reviews and excellent ideas from you guys so we decided to act on this. So we had a number […]

DukaPress List View Updated

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve today releasing List View version 1.1 DukaPress List View was made specifically with online shops that need, well, a list of items such as restaurant menus, spare parts, etc. Now you don’t have to “force” your products to fit into an online shop made only of images and grids. […]

The Chai DukaPress Theme

We’re pleased to announce the immediate release fo yet another DukaPress & WordPress e-commerce theme. Say hello to Chai! Chai is a child theme of the elegant Liquorice Theme. Chai’s design is light and airy without being too plain or minimalistic; it’s a great fit for any type of shop. Gorgeous textures and smooth-as-silk typography […]

The Kalamazoo DukaPress & WordPress e-Commerce Theme

Oh, you won’t believe what we found for you. Please say hello to the Kalamazoo Theme! This is a WordPress & DukaPress e-commerce theme developed by Doidos. This theme is fantastic! Kalamazoo is sophisticated, lightweight, and adaptable. Theme Features: Clean and minimal layout Two different theme layouts Theme options page to easily edit the layout […]

Introducing DukaEleven WordPress eCommerce Theme

Looking for a new theme to spruce up your online shop? Well, you’re in luck! We are happy to announce that today we are releasing our newest DukaPress & WordPress e-commerce theme: DukaEleven. DukaEleven, following in the footsteps of TwentyShop, is a child theme for the default WordPress theme, TwentyEleven. DukaEleven is sophisticated, lightweight, and […]

Begi Theme – Best Theme of Feb 2011

It is with great pride that we announce that our very own Begi theme was named among the best themes of February 2011. We are honored! Begi theme was mentioned in these places: Free WordPress Themes – Best Collection of Feb 2011 Free WordPress themes, 250 best and fresh!

The Duka Theme Now Ready

We’re extremely pleased to announce that the first DukaPress Premium theme is now available!! The Duka Theme is a clean, minimal & stylish theme that will provide a professional yet trendy look for your online shop. When you’ve got lots to sell and you need a professional, stylish way to show it off, this is […]