The Kiosk WordPress e-Commerce Theme

Kiosk WordPress & DukaPress Shopping Theme

Kiosk WordPress & DukaPress Shopping Theme

It has been a few weeks but today we're very happy to announce that we are releasing our newest WordPress e-commerce theme. Please give a loud round of applause for the Kiosk Theme!

Kiosk is a clean and minimal theme. Kiosk is designed to be easy to use as well as easily extensible and customizable. It is based on Clean Home whose development ceased in 2009.

Theme Features;

  • Clean and minimal layout
  • Custom background support
  • 2-column layout and widget-ready sidebar
  • Support for WordPress 3.0 custom menus
  • Styled to work elegantly with DukaPress
  • Includes a custom category template so that your products show in categories automatically

Custom category template
The theme includes a custom category template – category.php – which makes it possible for all your category pages to show your products in the grid view format, like this. The benefit of this is that you do not have to create new pages for each new products category in your shop – it just works!

The theme also includes a category template for normal blog posts named category-blog.php in case you want to use that. You can change the name from category-blog.php by replacing the “blog″ to correspond to any category ID. In this way, those particular categories will display blog posts and not products.

As usual, we encourage you to “look under the hood” to see just how easy it is to create DukaPress themes. Pay particular attention to functions.php, category.php and style.css. Please note that this theme is designed to work with the DukaPress WordPress plugin.

Here is a link to the live demo: Kiosk Live Demo

The shipping/delivery module on the live demo is powered by our Shipping Pro DukaPress Addon. Shipping Pro enables you to offer delivery services to custom locations, but it is not limited to custom locations, you can offer custom shipping packages like so:

Shipping Pro in glorious action!

Shipping Pro in glorious action!

DOWNLOAD: Kiosk DukaPress Theme


  1. I would love to use Kiosk, but I keep getting a “plugin does not have a valid header” error which halts the install in WP 3.1. Any fixes?


    • Hmm this is really strange. I just tested on 3 different sites and it worked okay. 🙁

      Have you tried to install via FTP?

      • No, but the files all show in CPanel. I Googled the error and it appears to be very common with a number of WP plugins. Maybe I just have a weird web vibe? 😉

        Thanks for checking though.


        • The weird thing is that since this is not a plugin but a theme it should not generate any errors related to plugins. I’m sorry to ask, but have you installed it correctly as a theme?
          have you also installed the DukaPress plugin?

          • I believe so, I installed DukaPress first, which is active – I can see the various product creation tools – and then Kiosk according to the instructions on your site. I’ve also removed both and then re-installed. I’ll try it again a bit later. I’m fairly new to WP, so I may be missing something, it wouldn’t be the first time, though all the other themes and plugins I’ve used have been ok thus far.

            Thanks again,

          • Third time’s the charm – not sure what I did differently, but everything is working fine now.


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