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Slider Settings

Hello folks!

We would like to announce that our product, DukaPress Simple Slideshow, is just about to be updated in a major way. In fact, this is not just an update, it is an extreme makeover. We basically dumped the old cold and re-wrote this addon from scratch in order to make it more powerful and more useful.

Here are a few of the things we shall be introducing:

  • Eight different image transition effects for the slideshow
  • The ability to upload images instead of just pulling them from the content
  • The ability to assign each slideshow image with a URL to link it to
  • A better UI with an admin screen to manage the slideshow

We're excited about the coming changes and we are confident that when complete, our image slider will be amongst the most powerful and easy to use regardless of whether you use DUkaPress or not!

Since we have put so much time and other resources into developing this, we shall be raising the prices of this addon from $6 to $10. According to our Terms, we need to give a 30 day notice of any price changes so the price change will take effect as from Saturday, 21 May 2011.

What happens to the people who have already bought this?
They are safe. We will send them the updated files when ready.

What happens is someone purchases the plugin between now and the 21st?
They will pay the price of $6 BUT we will still send them updated files when ready.

Any other questions? Please ask in the comments below.

Please get your own copy of DukaPress Simple Slideshow now, before the price changes.


  1. Hi,
    Before I purchase this, just want to find out that is this slideshow can be used in my sanaa theme?

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