DukaPress Audio List View

DukaPress List View is an addon for Dukapress that we created specifically for people who need to display their products in a "list" rather than in the normal "gird view".

We've been getting quite some good reviews and excellent ideas from you guys so we decided to act on this.

So we had a number of people who wanted to display the products in a list, but also show an image. Others saw it as the perfect way to sell music online. We jumped on these ideas.

The new list view enable you to do both of the above. Want to show an image with your list? We got you! Want to show an image and use the list to sell music? We still got you!

Specifically, we're introducing:

  1. The ability for the List View to display thumbnail images
  2. The option to attach mp3 files to your products and have List View give your customers a way to sample your music.

Neat, huh? What do you think of these additions?

You can find the demo here: Audio List View demo.

We're putting the final touches on this and it should be available for sale soon.

Audio List View - DukaPress Demo

Audio List View - DukaPress Demo

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