Using DukaPress & WordPress To Create An Amazon Shop

Amazon is one of the biggest and easiest ways to make money online as an affiliate marketer. They have a seemingly endless variety of products that you can market and earn commissions from sales as an affiliate of Amazon. No doubt, many people make money this way.

It gets even easier with WordPress. WordPress is the simplest and easiest to content management system around and so it makes a lot of sense for Amazon affiliates to want to use WordPress to run their Amazon affiliate shops. I'm sure there are plenty of ways to do this but one of the best, we believe, comes from DukaPress 2.3.5.

In version 2.3.5, we added a new feature that lets you create products which will redirect to an external URL when you click on their "Add to Cart"/"Buy Now" button. (This was a very sought-after feature!).

This means that you can create products as normal but have them redirect to Amazon (or any other site) where you can earn affiliate commissions.

The best thing about doing this with DukaPress is that you can use the "grid view" to easily and quickly create a professional-looking shop and start earning right away.

How do you do this?

  1. First, you need to download and install DukaPress
  2. Then, you need to find a nice looking theme for your site. You can check out some of the beautiful DukaPress themes.
  3. Then proceed to set up your DukaPress shop as usual.
  4. When creating your products, do everything as normal but place the affiliate link for that product in the box that asks for "Affiliate URL" as shown below.
  5. Add New Product

    Add New Product (click for larger image)

  6. Set up as many products as you want and then use the grid display shortcode to create a page that displays all your products in a nice grid.
  7. You're done! You should have a page like this one. Notice how the "Buy Now" buttons redirect to external URLs.

You can learn more about this feature here.

To enhance and style up your new Amazon shop, have a look at our List View and Styles addons.

Good luck! 🙂


  1. Good to see affiliate products have been added to DukaPress – definitely going to give it a try on a new niche site.

    Additional question, that I could not answer after reading the docs:
    is it possible to mix digital onsite sale and Amazon link for one product?

    E.g. I want to sell a book, that is available as 1. physical book, sold via Amazon, 2. Kindle book, sold via Amazon, 3. PDF, sold on-site, 4. iBook, sold via Apple bookstore. Of course different prices for all versions…

    Is it possible right now to create this kind of product in DucaStore? Or is this kind of feature planned for the future?

  2. Great feature for new DukaPress …

    I waiting for this feature..
    Love Duka 🙂

  3. I want ask about this feature ..

    Why if we go to product page, and click “Buy Now” in product page is direct to paying in paypal, not to affiliate website?

    I waiting for your answer

    Cheers 🙂

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