Introducing Complex Discount Rules

Well, hello! I am very excited to introduce you to a new feature that we are working on for WordPress! We'd like to believe that we're the first (or among the first) to introduce complex discount rules to WordPress! As far as I know, the power of what we're building can only be found in software such as Magento.

DukaPress Discount Rules

DukaPress Discount Rules (click for larger image)

This new feature improves the way DukaPress handles. We would like to make it possible for shop admins to give more and better types of “offers” on their shop. Here are some of what we have in mind:

  1. Make it possible to give time-sensitive discount codes e.g. expiring automatically in 24 hours or 7 weeks, etc
  2. Make it possible to create discount codes of a fixed amount instead of percentage e.g a discount of Kshs 5 instead of 5%
  3. Make it possible to make discount codes that work only in certain categories of products (defined by the shop admin)
  4. Make discounts offer such that it is dependent on the number of items purchased e.g. if you purchase 20 or more items you get 5% off (or $5 off)
  5. Make it possible to make a discount offer such as: if you buy goods worth X, you get a discount worth Y (Y could either be a fixed amount or a percentage of the value of goods in the cart)
  6. Make it possible to combine the discount rules e.g. 4 and 5 above such that if you buy goods worth X from a certain category you get discount Y
  7. Make a type of discount that is created during the checkout process and displayed on the thank you page (to wow the customer and make him purchase again) e.g. “thank you for shopping with us, for your next order worth over $20 you get a discount of X%”. The properties of the discount will be defined by the admin but a new code is created for every customer who successfully checks out. The admin should be able to define how long the discount should be created e.g. for 76 hours, or for 20 successful checkouts etc

Discounts are a powerful way to increase your shop's revenues. We are creating a tool that will give you infinite possibilities on how to structure your shop's discounts and sales offers.

Guess what? We have a demo ready! Right now, you can go to to test the bulk discount feature from the above list. (Put 3 or more items in your cart, go to checkout and watch the magic.)

We'll update with more of the planned features as time goes by.

There are those that say WordPress is not suitable for online shops. Yes, we want to prove them wrong. WordPress + DukaPress is the ultimate selling tool for small shops.

What do you think of this new feature?

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  1. Awesome! Exactly what we needed. You guys are good!
    When can we expect to see the update with the new discount features?

  2. Orla Duncan says:

    Very cool guys… I like it, well done 🙂

  3. Charlie says:

    exactly what I’m needing!!

  4. Any idea when the new Complex Discount Rules coupon will be ready?

    Please let me know.


  5. Hi,

    This feature is exactly what We need is it possible to do this in the new version 2.3.5 or 2.3.6?

    Kind regards.

  6. Hello! Is the new discount feature ready? If not, then when?

    Please advise…Thank you

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