Safe Online Payment Methods

Undoubtedly, online business is only getting better and better. We all know how quick, easy and convenient it is to make a purchase online and instantly enjoy the benefits of the purchase. This IS the future, right? But how safe are we? Aside from the fact that it is too easy to spend your wages by clicking away, many people if playing payable games online such as card games like poker at an online casino need to be careful that the casino they use is genuine and has safe payment methods. In today's world, it is very important to ensure that you use safe payment methods when buying anything online. Some of these are:

  • Disposable credit card numbers: Many major banks allow you to create a unique, temporary card to use for each online purchase. The temporary card is valid at only one vendor. Lost your card? No problem.
  • Prepaid credit cards: With this option, you "buy" a prepaid card and top it up with the amount you want. Even if you lose the card, your exposure is only limited to the amount that you put into the card.
  • Secure credit cards: Both Visa and Mastercard offer "secure" cards. With these cards, you need to enter a password each time you make a purchase. This adds extra security for example when logging into a gaming site for a quick spin, you will then need to log in again to make payments if you’re placing a wager. Additionally, you can only use the card at a select list of participating merchants.
  • Online payment services: This options allows you to make purchases online without having to remember - or use - your credit card number. People who use online casinos will be used to methods such as this, with highly established ones such as Gaming Club online casino having part of their success due to making their customers feel secure this way years ago before internet security was particularly well known. You simply sign up with an online payment service provider like Paypal and then use your account with them to make purchases online. Most payment service providers actually reimburse you for any unauthorized purchases as long as you report the fraud within a certain time period, usually 60 days.

Using any of the above will significantly increase the security of your online purchases. The above methods can be used for any type of purchase: from travel, to shopping, to subscriptions and even to online casinos. As always, the above methods alone will not give you 100% protection. But in tandem with a little extra vigilance and effort, they help you stay one step ahead of cyber-criminals.


  1. Samedi Amba says:

    Well said Kelvin. I was not aware of the disposable credit card as an option. Do we have that here in Kenya?

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