Introducing Complex Discount Rules

Well, hello! I am very excited to introduce you to a new feature that we are working on for WordPress! We’d like to believe that we’re the first (or among the first) to introduce complex discount rules to WordPress! As far as I know, the power of what we’re building can only be found in […]

DukaPress Audio List View

DukaPress List View is an addon for Dukapress that we created specifically for people who need to display their products in a “list” rather than in the normal “gird view”. We’ve been getting quite some good reviews and excellent ideas from you guys so we decided to act on this. So we had a number […]

DukaPress List View Updated

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve today releasing List View version 1.1 DukaPress List View was made specifically with online shops that need, well, a list of items such as restaurant menus, spare parts, etc. Now you don’t have to “force” your products to fit into an online shop made only of images and grids. […]

Simple Slideshow Version 2.0

Say hello to the DukaPress Simple Slideshow Version 2.0 which is available immediately for download. This represents a complete re-writing of the original version. The Simple SlideShow is a DukaPress Addon that allows for the display of a simple slideshow. Here’s what’s new: There is now a user friendly options screen where you can set […]

DukaPress Slider Update & Price Change

Hello folks! We would like to announce that our product, DukaPress Simple Slideshow, is just about to be updated in a major way. In fact, this is not just an update, it is an extreme makeover. We basically dumped the old cold and re-wrote this addon from scratch in order to make it more powerful […]

Shipping Pro Version 1.3

We’re pleased to announce the immediate availability of Shipping Pro 1.3 Shipping Pro is one of our premium DukaPress addons which lets you charge for shipping by considering both item weight and delivery destination. Set different shipping rates for different towns, different countries or even whole continents! Shipping Pro Version 1.3 contains the following improvements: […]