Shipping Pro

DukaPress Shipping ProAs a online shop owner, one quickly realises that charging for shipping becomes a big problem when the shop gets busy. How do you set different shipping rates for different towns (or different states) in your own country? What if you want to set different shipping rates for different countries? What if you want a different shipping rate for a whole continent (like Africa, or Europe). It is not so easy to do. Until today.

Shipping Pro lets you charge for shipping by considering both item weight and delivery destination. Set different shipping rates for different towns, different countries or even whole continents!



  • We've found that customers love it when they see an option to get shipping rates to their own town/region.
  • Setting your own rates means you can actually make some money for your handling and packaging. You don't have to put this cost into your product's cost anymore.
  • You set your own prices to every region imaginable, you are flexible.
  • You no longer have to work within anyone's shipping rules which may not make sense to you.

How does it work?
The addon adds a new shipping module inside the DukaPress shipping options called "Shipping Pro".

DukaPress Shipping Pro Admin

Admin End (click for larger image)

This module lets you to define a custom location. For each custom location, you are able to define the shipping rate using weight classes (See documentation). Custom locations may be such as: different towns in your country, different provinces/counties/states, groups of countries - anything, really.
DukaPress Shipping Pro Checkout

Checkout Screen (click for larger image)

On the checkout screen, the customers a presented with a list of your defined custom locations. They are asked to select where they want the product(s) delivered. When they select their preferred location, the shipping fee is calculated. Easy. You can view a demo by going through the checkout process on our demo shop.