Simple SlideShow

Simple SlideshowThe Simple SlideShow is a DukaPress Addon that allows for the display of a simple slideshow. The slideshow is populated using product images.

This addon has the following features:

  • Eight different image transition effects for the slideshow
  • The ability to upload images for the slideshow OR automatically pull them from the content
  • The plugin settings screen makes it easy to change the image size, slideshow speed, transition effect, images, etc
  • It is easy to style the slideshow via CSS


  1. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. How much is a slideshow of pictures worth? This addon enables you to display your products in an attractive slideshow anywhere on your website and can lead to increased sales as you catch the eye of your website's visitors
  2. It just works! No time wasted fiddling about or scratching your head

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Buy it now, it may be the best $10 you ever spent on your online shop!