DukaPress StylesDo you have an amazing theme that you want to use with DukaPress? You will quickly run into an ugly problem: DukaPress probably is not customized to match your theme colors and design.

To solve this, you could hire a designer to modify your theme (expensive), or you could do it yourself (time consuming). Or you could just use DukaPress Styles (affordable, easy, and fast).

DukaPress Styles lets you customize the look and feel of your DukaPress shop quickly and easily and with absolutely no need to mess around in code.


What can you do?

  • Customize DukaPress to match your theme/site design!
  • Create buttons to make shopping on your site a pleasurable visual experience
  • Customize your shop design in a graphical interface that is easy to use and intuitive
  • Change the color of "Add to Cart", "Empty Cart, and "Checkout" buttons among other things
  • Show/hide "Add to Cart" button
  • Show/hide Price
  • Show/hide Product name
  • Show/hide Product images
  • Show/hide the border around products
  • Among other things


  1. You can easily modify your current theme to look great with DukaPress and save on buying an expensive new theme
  2. Styles makes it easy to customise your shop design with no CSS (or any other) knowledge needed
  3. You can change the look and feel of your shop every week day in less than five minutes

How does it work?
This addon adds a new section to DukaPress that lets you customise the look of your shop in a process that is as simple as clicking on a few buttons.

DukaPress Styles Settings

DukaPress Styles Settings (click for larger view)

It is as easy as that! Just make the choices you need and your shop will magically look better. See the official documentation for more information.

While we cannot guarantee that it works with every single WordPress theme on the planet, we have tested it across a wide variety of themes and can confirm that it works on themes that have been created and coded according to WordPress theming standards (meaning it works on almost all themes).

You can have a look at these three different demos to see what can be achieved. (Please note that these three were each created in less than two minutes without a single line of code being written).

  1. Demo 1 - your average shop with nice and colorful buttons
  2. Demo 2 - the products on the Grid page are in a black background with the product name and price not shown
  3. Demo 3 - all the "e-commerce" "things" have been removed - no "Add to cart" buttons or prices. This is just a nice and cool catalogue/gallery.