As the makers of DukaPress, we live and breathe DukaPress and know WordPress inside and out. We can therefore assure you that our software is of the highest quality possible. We do not compromise on quality. Not one bit!

Here is what people have said about us, and the quality of our work:

I would like to thank you for the wonderful work you and moshthepitt are doing concerning Dukapress. I can tell you that having gone through the installation and configurations, I would rate it as one of the best (if not the best) e-commerce plugin for WordPress.

Over the years, I've had my own share of testing and installing programs, including, but not limited to osCommerce, WPOsc, WP e-Commerce (Instinct & now by Getshopped)... plus some other ones. I can tell you that dukapress beats them all and is one of the best things to have originated from Africa. Please keep up the good work.

It's a fantastic program... DukaPress from Africa! Simply brilliant! The Best!!! Excellent!!! - Poppier Amigo

I have found DukaPress to be the most sophisticated Shopping Plugin for WordPress with the simplest administrative features – easy for my clients to use on their websites. - Steve Holland

"We tried many shopping carts, but we couldn't customise it. Then we stumbled upon Dukapress via WordPress Planet. We took hours to do what was taken use days before. I'll email you when the project is finished. Dukapress has gone into my arsenal of plugins. It is easy to use ,flexible, plugs right into the WordPress core...I am really liking this thing." - Dwayne Villiers

"I just want to appreciate the good work you are doing there. I was going throu' Dukapress and was amazed that something good can come out of Kenya.

What I was amazed with is your way of trying to integrate home based solutions like Mpesa and Yu cash and Zap into ecommerce for the African continent.

I just want to encourage and say go and give it all!

Thank you" - Joseph Kamau

"What I really like about DukaPress, besides the fact that it’s free, is that it’s user-friendly. Even a technobof like me could figure it out, though it took me a while. Kelvin and the other guys at Dukapress are always available to solve problems, and you can even catch them on twitter. The interphase is smooth and pretty, and you can see results immediately, which is pretty awesome. I don’t have to mess with code to see my preferences flow, and it makes me feel like a nerd chick. Uber cool." - Crystal Ading'

"Just dont know what to say. I have paid over 100 dollars for shopping carts with half of the features you have. Where can i make a donation? Thanks" - Umar

"Hi, I am impressed with Dukapress, particularly a) that it works ‘out of the box’ b) its code is pretty lean and easy to follow c) it has most of the foundational features you need/want in an online shop without a large number of extra, often unnecessary, features that make its operation complicated and buggy." - Mike